Cartoon Character Design | Graphic Novel Art | LeeDanielsART freelance illustration and animation

I make Animations, Illustrations, Motion Graphics and VFX...

I work in both 2D and 3D...


I take projects from Concept Sketch
through Render to Post FX...


and I create content for TV, Commercial,
Social and Gaming Clients worldwide.


So, if you need professional Animation,
Illustration, Motion Graphics or VFX...

3D Concept, Modelling & Animation
Frame-by-frame Animation
Illustration & Character Development
TV Series Titles and Post FX
Product Animation & Motion Graphics
Logo Animation & VFX

or anything you
can imagine really...


don't hesitate to

Contemplative Reaper | Digital Painting | LeeDanielsART freelance illustration and animation
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I'm all ears...

Thanks for submitting!